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The pool Guyz installed a pool in May 2014. The contract said the work would take approximately 30 days. The work took over four months. They claim it is not their fault the patio/paver guys took so long. The sales person informed me, when he sold me the pool, that they had paver guys on staff. This is not true. They subcontract out. Then the Pool Guyz take 10% of the paver cost for doing nothing and holding no responsibility for the paver work. In fact this was the first time they had even hired this company.

Then the paver guys didn't even have an employee that could install paver pool coping. They ended up subcontractoring my brick guy to do the work. So I paid top dollar to get a subcontractor of a subcontractor. I could have hired the coping guy myself and saved 50% on the paver work.

Now nine months later the pool has still not had the final city inspection. I have paid $50,000 cash for a pool and patio that I cannot legally use. They have ignore numerous attempts for myself and my lawyer to resolve this issue. I'm out $1000 in legal fees already and have lost an entire season of use of the pool and a year of the equipment warranty.

My family sure would love to use the pool they were promised last year.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #944260

We are surprised as to the scope of your claim. It appears there were several misunderstandings in your mention of our subcontractors.

For your pavers, we contracted a company that we have done significant quantities of business with, and they are very experienced with doing pavers.

As for your mention of starting the job 2 weeks late, my paperwork shows the contract was to start the 12th of May and completed by the 12th of June, your completion date according to your post is May 16th 2014, and my install checklist that was signed by Mr "anonymous" on May 18th 2014 when the pool and rough grade was finished, before the pavers were installed. The delays in the pavers appear to have been caused by multiple additions to the job, and use of special order pavers.

As for the final inspection, we made attempts to complete the inspection, including a recommendation by the city inspector, and other suggestions by our company to rectify some minor drainage related issues that do not affect the usability of your pool. Your pool was cleaned on multiple occasions and serviced by Arnold, and at that point we were told everything was acceptable and you and your family were using your pool.

We had no reason to believe you had not completed the required step to complete your inspection, as it appeared you had all fencing in place and even your slide was installed, functional and being used.

We strive to make sure that our customers get their pools completed as quickly as possible. Please contact us, as we would like to make sure this is taken care of as quickly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you, very soon.

Thank you.

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